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1 Pendulum (W. Sellenraad)
2 Stars over Marakesh (E. Hope)
3 All of You (C. Porter)
4 Waiting (W. Sellenraad)
5 Boo Boo's Birthday (T. Monk)
6 Lost (W. Shorter)
7 Naima (J. Coltrane)
8 Stuffed (W. Sellenraad)

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The debut recording for Will Sellenraad, borne of the true spirit of one of New York's finest jazz clubs, Visiones. It was there during the mid-1990's that Will held the house gig for several years, During which time he developed a great musical rapport with fellow native New Yorker Eric McPherson and Kiyoshi Kitagawa. Streams is the fruit of their incredible musical kinship, also featuring the artistry of gifted pianist James Hurt, courtesy of Blue Note Records.

About the band:
Eric McPherson's drumming is the fire by which respected artists such as Jackie McLean and Abraham Burton have choosen to set their music ablaze. A viruoso of syncopation, he is truly one of the great drummers of this generation.

Kiyoshi Kitagwa is one of the most dedicated and respected bass players to have hit the New York Scene in the last 10 years. His swingin' and rock solid rhythms have graced the stage with Jazz royalty such as Kenny Garrett, Jimmy Heath, and Kenny Barron.

Additional information:
Produced by: Will Sellenraad
Recorded at: Bleecker St. Studios,
November 19th & December 7th 1998
Engineered by: Gust Tsilis
Mastered at: Current Sound; NYC
Cover Art by: Johan Sellenraad

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